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Online Sports

All the field sports can be played online as well. Through online sports a person can learn the rules of the sports he is interested in. the online sports also provide a facility of buying online sportswear for every game.
Football: football as the name suggest is described as kicking the ball with a foot to score a goal. The game of football is played all over the world. This game is also known as soccer.

Laws of football:

  1. The ball of football must be spherical. It should have a specified pressure. It should be of 65-70 cm in circumference.
  2. Two teams compete against each other in football. Two teams should have more than 11 players and minimum of 7 players to start the game.
  3. The surface on which football is played must be in a shape of rectangle. The surface is divided into two parts by a half line.
  4. The player must play a jersey, shorts, stocking and footwear.
  5. The referee should make sure that all rules are obeyed.
  6. There can be no more than two assistant referees.

Cricket: it is a game of bat and ball. It is played between two teams competing against each other to make highest number of runs. There are different types of cricket game like test cricket, one day cricket, 20-20 cricket.

Laws of cricket:

  1. The two teams can have not more than or less than eleven players. Out of the eleven players one player will be the captain.
  2. The decision of the umpire is the final decision. No argument should be done with the umpire. There is third umpire for any decision that is not sure by the field umpire.
  3. Any player cannot tamper the ball. The players have authority to rub the ball, apply saliva on the ball or remove dust from the ball.
  4. A player who is fielding has no authority to distract the player who is playing. If any player does so he is given a penalty.

Hockey: the game of hockey is played with two teams. The game is to puck the hockey ball in the opponent court. There are different types of hockey games like ice hockey, roller hockey, sledge hockey and street hockey.

Laws of hockey:

  1. The game of hockey is divided into two parts. The play time is for 35 minutes during first half then a 10 minute break is followed then another phase of 35 minute is dealt.
  2. There can be at the most 16 players in one team of hockey.
  3. A player can score a goal when they are in a D shaped area which is 14.6 meter from the goal.
  4. A player can strike goal with only flat side of the hockey stick. If he strikes the ball with any other side or body part he will be penalized.
  5. A flip of coin decide who will take first possession and the second half is started by the second team.

Betting is predicting the result of any game.  An online sport betting is a very fast means of earning money. In some countries betting on sports is illegal while some of them support online betting. Betting is done on sports like baseball, basketball, hockey, cricket and football.

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