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Online Poker

The increase of people in gaming has also increased the number of casino sites online. To select the best site is difficult. Lucky casino 13 is a latest site with all the advanced features for playing poker games.

Poker is a card game. In game of poker betting is done and bluffing is also allowed.

The aim of poker game:
In a poker game the main aim is to make the highest rank with the combinations of the cards. The game of poker requires skills and thorough knowledge of rules as well. The player should play the trial game of poker before making high bet in this game. It requires practice by the novice player to be perfect at this game.

How to play poker?
In poker game player make an initial bet. It is known as ante. Each player is betting that the combination of card that he has, has the highest rank. The betting is moved in a clockwise manner. The player may make bet equal to the previous bet or more than previous bet. He can also fold. Fold means to lose the entire amount.  The betting round will finish when player have checked, raised or folded.  The players who remain at last will show there cards. The player with highest rank will win the standard game of poker.

Types of poker games:        
Poker has many types. The main aim remains same in game of poker. The aim is to make a highest rank among all the players. But the difference lies on the number of cards that are being distributed. There are different number of hole card and community card that are given to the players.

  1. Straight: This is the oldest form of poker game. A full hand is given to the player. The player will bet when the cards are dealt to them. In this game only three cards were distributed.
  2. Stud poker:  this is the second game of poker that was played after straight. In this game five cards are dealt to the player. The cards are dealt in agreed form of face up and face down. There is a betting round after each card is dealt. The famous example of stud poker is seven card poker. In this the player has to make highest rank by combination of 5 cards.
  3. Draw poker:  all the cards are dealt to the player faced down. And the betting round takes place. After betting is completed the player can change the cards they don’t need and they are given new card. The famous example of draw poker is five card poker.
  4. Flop poker: players are given some face down cards and then the community cards are kept at the centre of the table. A player can select any community card to make a highest rank of 5 cards. The famous example of flop poker is Texas hold em poker.

The popularity of poker game has grown immensely. From being a mere game of recreation it is now played in various tournaments. The prize offered for winning this game is also high.

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