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The world is changing. The technology is making advancement. The technicians are trying to develop a world in which all the things are available at home. People may not have to waste their time going out, spend money in transportation and then come back. People are busy so the latest techniques are developed to make their life simple. Therefore internet has been made to solve all the problems of people. If people want recreation they can play games. If people want to buy things they can do online shopping and the things are delivered at their places. Lucky casino 13 is one of the online gambling sites. It main aim is to provide recreation to people who are bored or want to play. The procedure to play online is simple. The games are same as that of land based casino with same rule and strategy.
The game of keno was brought is United States by the people of china. It was first played in 19 century. It has its origin from the game of horse racing. Some of the terms of keno and horse racing are similar. It came to existence during the time of Han dynasty. It was a like a lottery which was used to raise the army of China.
Keno is a lottery game.

How to play keno?

Keno cards are available at the keno tables. A keno card has the numbers from 1-80. The player can select any number and mark it. The marking on the keno card is done by either putting anX on the number or making a circle around the number. The player can mark a minimum of 4 numbers on keno card and maximum of 20 numbers on keno card. Keno card are then submitted on the keno counter. The player has to collect a receipt of his keno card with the number marked on it.

In a game of casino an apparatus is used which is known as “gooseneck”. In this game twenty balls are taken out from the gooseneck. Then the player will match his numbers with the numbers of the balls that came out of the apparatus. The payout depends on the number of balls that you marked and that came out of the gooseneck.

The player will win if the number that he marked matches with the balls that were blown out of the apparatus.
Strategy of keno:

  1. It is a game of luck. A player should play this game when he is very happy. If a player is going through emotional pain or stress he should avoid playing keno.
  2. The player should make a choice of less number. It is mandatory that with maximum choice player will win a lot but he may also lose a lot. So make appropriate number of choices whose loss can be bearable.
  3. A player should sign up on casino that provides high payout percentage.
  4. The game of keno uses a computerized algorithm. Watch carefully the numbers which are repeating frequently and are blown out of the gooseneck. Stick to those number always and mark them on your keno cards.

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