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Ruby Fortune guarantees a great gaming experience. With over 450 casino games including Slots, Table Games, Poker, Roulette and Blackjack, Ruby Fortune is one of the internet’s most trusted casinos with a support service that keeps you connected 24 hours a day.

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Online Blackjack

For a brand new thrilling experience at casino- join lucky casino 13. It is an online casino gaming site. The players at lucky casino 13 are experts and also have good standards. It is a gambling place for both the novice player and highly technical people. The needs of both the category of people are fulfilled here. The poker rooms, bonus rooms are differentiated on the basis of people who are playing there. The payout percentage is also high at lucky casino 13.

How to play blackjack?
In the game of blackjack the players are given two cards each. The total of the two cards should be as close to 21 as much possible. The total should not exceed the value of 21. If a player beats the dealer then he is considered as a winner.

Card value:

  1. All cards ranging from 2-9 are given value equal to the number on the cards.
  2. Ace card has value equal to 1 or 11. The decision is taken unanimously by the players.
  3. The remaining card that is 10, jack, queen and king have value equal to 10.
  4. There are no jokers in the game of blackjack.

There are two types of hand:

Soft hand: if a player has an ace card and any other card and the value does not go beyond 21, then it is called as soft hand. For example a player has ace card and an 8 card; the total can either be equal to 9 or 19. It is not exceeding 21 therefore, it is known as soft hand.

Hard hand: it is when you have an ace card. The ace card here is considered as having value of 1. Then you take an additional card and the additional card can cause the total of cards to go beyond 21 then it is known as hard hand. For example a player has ace card, a 10 card and an 8 card value will be equal to 19. But it is considered as hard hand.

Objective of the game:
The main objective is to defeat the dealer. A player has to get the total of his cards as close to 21 as possible. A player places a bet. The dealer will give himself and all the player 2 cards. The card will be dealt starting from the player who is at left of the dealer. The dealer will make the player see one of his cards. The dealer will then have to decide whether he wants to take one more card or no. If he takes one more card and then total go beyond 21, player will lose, even if the total of dealer is beyond 21.
If a player will not take additional card then one of three possibilities can take place:

  1. Dealer will show his cards. Comparison will be done. If he has total value of cards is more than player then dealer will win.
  2. Dealer will show his cards. Comparison will be done. If dealer total exceed 21, player will win.
  3. If there is a tie, no one will win.

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