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Online Bingo

Large number of online gambling site may create big confusion. The popularity of internet is increasing so large sites are made every day. To make a best choice is difficult. Lucky casino13 is the best choice for all types of player. The review of this casino is par excellence. The facility and the deals are also best for all the players.

Bingo was addressed with the name “beano” originally. It was played in United States. The dealer would select number from the cigarette box and announce it to the player. The player would mark the number being called out with beans. The players shouted” beano” if they won. Thereby, it was given the name beano. While playing bingo, players buy a grid ticket of 5X5. It corresponds to the 5 letters of the word bingo. The dealer announces the numbers. The player marks the numbers being called out on their grid tickets. The player who makes a winning pattern will win. It is a game of speed. The player who makes the winning pattern faster he wins.

The bingo ticket contains 25 blocks. Out of this 24 blocks are filled with numbers and 1 block is left empty.  The numbers are printed on the bingo card in a random order.
The arrangement of numbers is as follows:
B column contain number between 1-15
I column contain number between 16-30
N column contain number between 31-45
G column contain number between 46-60
O column contain number between 61-75

The choice of cards:
All players have large number of option in the matter of choosing a card. They can select any card. They can also select multiple cards. There are certain cards which have always same number printed on them. They are known as hard cards and flimsy cards. The card number 1252 is an example of this type of card. It has same number printed on it always with a unique blank space.

Bingo is played in bingo halls. These halls are specially created by the casino for bingo lovers. The rules of bingo game vary from casino to casino and also from place to place. The payout amount also varies. The person who announces the numbers while playing bingo game is known as the caller. It is a rule that the numbers are announced quickly by the caller. Therefore, it is important that while playing bingo a player must be attentive. He should clearly listen to the number and mark it on his card immediately. The caller will keep on announcing the number till one person says “BINGO”. When a player says “BINGO” then the numbers on his card are verified by the caller. If the numbers are correct the player will win. If there is a tie between two players then the money in the pot will be divided amongst them.

An important point to keep in mind while playing bingo is that, a player must not have large number of grid tickets. Although people believe that large number of ticket means large chances of winning but it may be confusing sometime. To search for number in every ticket a person may miss out some numbers.
Scream out loud “BEANO”!!

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